Root Strata PresentsA Night of Music in Portland, OR

- Valentine's

Root Strata presents: Portland, 2011

Grouper (Portland resident Liz Harris) needs little in way of introduction. Since 2005, she has been creating blurred landscapes of hidden melody and dream within dream pop gems to both critical and popular acclaim.

Ilyas Ahmed

Ilyas Ahmed makes music & art and lives in Portland, Oregon. His next album 'With Endless Fire' is coming out this summer on Immune Recordings.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is an electro-acoustic collaboration between Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff. They use an amplified & processed bass clarinet and analog synthesizers to create dense harmonic clouds of melodies, long tones and textures. Look for their first long playing record on Root Strata this Fall.


En is Maxwell August Croy (co-runner of Root Strata) and James Devane. Both multi-instrumentalists, their sound is a rich blend of acoustic sources (notably koto and guitar) fed through complex systems to create a resplendent, textured palette of sun-drenched sound. Their first album, 'The Absent Coast,' was released on Root Strata in 2010 and their second album is scheduled for release on Students of Decay this coming autumn.

Steve Gunn

Steve Gunn, known in the past for collaborations in GHQ (with Marcia Bassett) and the Magik Markers, has been increasingly known for his solo work. Gunn fuses traditional American songcraft with a raga/middle eastern influence. Boerum Palace, his most recent solo record, was released on Three Lobed Recordings.

Paul Clipson

Paul Clipson makes experimental films exclusively with a Super8 camera. Master of color, shape, texture and depth, he has collaborated with countless musicians at home and abroad and is a tireless creative force. Paul will be showing films to En's set.